How to use TripFon


TripFon is our website where you will sign up for workshops, individual phonetics consultations, Wednesday trips, weekend trips and the afternoon and evening programme. You will find it at 

TRIPFON also includes a calendar with all the events that you signed up for.

The calendar also shows events planned for all students and those that are mandatory for certain courses (e.g. lectures for the IV courses).

How to sign up for the event of your choice?

  1. Sign in – your username is your e-mail address, the password is LSSS.FF2021 (please change this to your own)
  2. Select from the offer in the following folders: 

Learning – here you pick WORKSHOPS

Corrective pronunciation – here you choose INDIVIDUAL PHONETICS CONSULTATIONS

Trips – this section is for WEEKEND TRIPS

Culture – here you choose from the AFTERNOON AND EVENING PROGRAMME

3. Sign up by clicking on REGISTER ME.

Registrations for the next week always start on Monday at 17:00.

If you do not want to or cannot take part, please cancel your registration so someone else can take your place. Registrations for weekend trips must be cancelled by Friday, 10:00.

Useful phrases to know:

“registrace ještě není k dispozici” – “registration not available yet”

“registrace již byly ukončeny” – “registration closed”