About LŠSS

The Summer School of Slavonic Studies of Charles University’s Faculty of Arts (The CU FA LŠSS) offers comprehensive Czech language courses to students from across the border.

The LŠSS gives students a current picture of Czech and Slavonic studies, especially in the area of

  • the Czech language,
  • Czech history,
  • literary theory,
  • and culture.

The LŠSS includes

  • practical language courses,
  • elective seminars,
  • workshops,
  • lectures,
  • excursions,
  • guided walking tours of Prague,
  • trips to fun places around the Czech Republic.

The LŠSS program is organized by Charles University professors and members of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The LŠSS is intended for Slavonic and Czech studies experts,

  • postgraduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the corresponding programs,
  • anyone who is in contact with the Czech language, history and culture (in the broad sense) in their everyday life
  • anyone who wants to experience a month of intensive social and cultural adventures in Prague.

The course offerings within the program range from classes for beginners with no knowledge of the Czech language (A0) to classes for advanced students (C1).