Breakfast and dinner (as well as lunch during the weekends) will be available for internal students staying at the Kajetánka dorm at the dorm’s dining hall. Internal students will also receive lunch packages for day trips during the weekend. On weekdays, students will have lunch individually in the city center; internal students will receive meal vouchers.

Dinning Schedule 2023 – Cafeteria at Kajetánka dormitory

Snídaně / BreakfastOběd / LunchVečeře / Dinner
Pátek / Friday
21. 7.
8.00-9.0018.00 společná večeře / dinner party
Sobota / Saturday
22. 7.
brunch 10.00-12.00brunch 10.00-12.0018.30-20.00
Neděle / Sunday8.00-9.0011.00-12.0018.30-19.30
Všední dny (po-pá)
Weekdays (Mo-Fr)
Soboty / Saturdays
29. 7. + 12. 8
7.00-8.00balíček na výlety /
lunch packages
Neděle / Sunday8.00-9.0011.00-12.0018.30-20.00
Volný víkend /
Weekend off
5. 8. + 6. 8.

The program includes two group dinners for all students. 2023 dormitory menu is available (in Czech) here. Please pay attention to meal hours. After meal hours, please leave the cafeteria within 20 minutes.

Dormitory cafeteria menu, week 1

Dormitory cafeteria menu, week 2

Dormitory cafeteria menu, week 3

Dormitory cafeteria menu, week 4

Lunches from Monday to Friday

  • Buy your own lunch for vouchers that you receive during the registration. Meal vouchers are also accepted in some grocery stores. Tips for restaurants and grocery stores in Kajetánka dormitory and Faculty of Arts’ neighborhoods accepting meal vouchers are available here.
  • You will receive meal vouchers for the entire LŠSS with a value of 150 CZK per day/lunch = a total value of 3000 CZK.
  • On the ground floor of the FF UK building, you will find the Mezi řádky bistro where you can buy a hot lunch for less than CZK 100, sandwiches, salads, desserts, drinks and ice cream.