Programme of the Summer School of Slavonic Studies

Instruction takes place each morning 9:00–13:30, from Monday to Friday, and consists of:

  • A. practical language courses,
  • B. optional seminars,
  • C. specialized lectures,
  • D.  specialized workshops.

The programme features 25 lessons (of 45 minutes) of language classes, workshops, excursion and cultural field trips. A total number of lessons is 120.

  • After the oficial ceremony, students will be divided into four levels according to the results of the initial placement test. The aim of the test is to determine the level of proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension of written text. A short conversation with a lecturer is also a part of the test.
  • Within each level, students will be divided into several courses according to the number of participants and their proficiency, maximal amount of students within a group is 15.  In the beginning, low-intermediate and intermediate levels, the differentiation may be according to the language of instruction, which may be English, French, Russian or German. Instruction in the advanced level courses will be exclusively in Czech.
  • After four weeks of the Summer Language School students will get the certificate of achievement with an evaluation report (A, A – Excellent; B, B – Very Well; C, C – Good). They can achieve 8 ECTS credits.
  • The secretariat of the LŠSS will assist anyone interested in independent research in archives, libraries and it will arrange individual consultations with Czech specialists, as far as possible.

The LŠSS instruction is complemented by a social-cultural program organized in the afternoons, evenings, and during weekends. Students of all levels can participate without differences. Participation in these activities is voluntary. Interpreters are available to students during the whole summer school and they accompany all the activities except lessons. In the clubroom of the residence hall, screenings of Czech films, evenings of Czech music, as well as evenings of singing Czech folk songs will be held. The LŠSS also organizes visits to historical monuments and galleries in Prague. Every Saturday students can choose one of two field trips and every Sunday one of two afternoon trips to attractive places in the Czech Republic, including historical towns, castles, chateaux, monasteries, spas, and places of natural interest.

Courses offered


Students will have a five-lessons (5x45min) intensive course of the Czech language. Optional seminars and specialized lectures are not offered. Of all the beginners, applicants who have some experience with the Czech language are preferred. However, students can attend some of the lectures in English or German.


Students will have a five-lessons (5x45min) intensive course of Czech language daily. Optional seminars are not offered. However, students can attend some of the lectures in English or German.


Students will have a three-lessons (3x45min) language course daily. For the remaining two lessons, they can choose one of the optional seminars, e.g.:

– interpretation of authentic texts (reading and conversation)
– conversation for advanced level

or a practical workshop, e.g.:

  • learning Czech through drama

Students can also attend the lecture series on Czech history and culture, delivered in English, German or Czech.


Students will be offered a two-lesson course in the Czech language daily. For the remaining two lessons, they can choose one of the optional seminars, e.g.:

  • Czech literature,
  • conversation for proficient level,
  • Czech life and institutions,

Or a practical workshop, e.g.:

  • work with a Czech National Corpus

The last lesson will be given to lectures on Czech linguistics, Czech literary history, or Czech history and culture in Czech. The lecture series in English or German is also available.

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