65th LŠSS 2022 FAQ

Placement test

Each participant must fill out the test before the start of LŠSS. It will serve as the basis for your placement in a student group. The online test is to be taken individually – it will be available until the end of June.

The participants will be tested on grammar, reading, listening, and writing.

The link for the mandatory placement test will be distributed to applicants by email.

Additionally, after arriving to Prague, each participant will also be asked to complete a short interview.


All students are expected to arrive for Registration on Friday, July 22nd, 2022. The Registration will be held directly at the dormitory Kajetánka (Radimova 12, Praha 6) that day. Should any participants prefer arriving on Saturday, July 23rd, (or other day) they need to indicate so in this form. Regular classes will begin on Monday, July 25th.

LŠSS opening weekend


The opening ceremony with the President of Charles University will be held on Saturday 23 July 2022 from 13:00 until 14:00 in the Great Hall of the Karolinum, Ovocný trh 541/3, Praha 1.

For Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening, we have prepared a programme during which you’ll get to know the other participants, teachers, the Faculty of Arts and Prague.

For more information and the schedule, see the invitation here.


All (internal students) are going to be placed at Kajetánka dormitory. The capacity of the dormitory is limited, therefore they may not be much room for special accommodations and requests. Should you have any special requests, please reach out to lsss.praha@ff.cuni.cz at your earliest convenience.

All students have access to shared kitchenettes. The rooms are equipped with bed linen and towels. The dormitories are not air-conditionned. Each two rooms share a bathroom.

Laundry: time slots need to be reserved at the reception. Upon reserved time, the key from the laundry room needs to be collected at the reception and laundry fee needs to be covered. Each student needs to provide their laundry detergent. They key is to be returned to the reception after use.

LŠSS assistance will be available at the dormitory.

Technical report defects here.


Scholarship holders as well as participants covering the Housing fee have a full meal plan. Breakfasts and dinners are provided at the Kajetánka refectory. Participants mentionned above will be provided with a 100 CZK meal vouchers for lunches.

Kajetánka refectory menu

The breakfasts are served in a buffet style. There are two options for dinners, one of which is always vegetarian. Should participants require any special accommodations, please reach out to lsss.praha@ff.cuni.cz at your earliest convenience.

Local transportation

Students are responsible for purchasing their Prague public transportation passes. We recommend Monthly coupon for 550 CZK. Students in the age of 18-26 are eligible for student discount. They will be provided with a proof of study for the transportation company upon Registration. More information on fares is available here.

Covid-19 pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic is currently under control, there are not many precautions in place since May 5, 2022.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic post all updated information on their official websites. The government is regularly posting any updates on the Covid portal website.

Local COVID-19 information hotline (dial 1221) is also available in English from anywhere in the Czech Republic daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. For calling from abroad or foreign SIM cards use number +420 226 20 1221.

Should Summer School participants test Covid-19 positive, the following rules need to be followed: https://covid.gov.cz/en/situations/infection-and-general-measures/i-tested-positive (In general, isolation is ordered for at least 7 days after the first positive sample. You can end your isolation after 7 days from the sampling of the first positive test if in the last 2 days no symptoms occurred; otherwise, the isolation prolongs for the whole time of having symptoms plus 2 days without them. Isolation cannot be terminated by undertaking a PCR test, its minimum length is 7 days. The isolation is recognized by the law and there are high sanctions for its violations.)

Covid-19 measures at Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Faculty of Arts, Charles University has a website with information about coronavirus measures as well. Currently, there is no obligation to wear a mask in public places nor maintaining social distancing. Hand sanitizers are available at Charles University premises.

In the past few years, the Summer School of Slavonic Studies administration has gained extensive experience regarding handling the coronavirus situation development. Effective strategies are developed should the pandemic situation deteriorate, so we remain flexible. A limited amount of antigen tests is available for our students in case there is a need for them.

Support in case of medical emergencies 

During the Summer School of Slavonic Studies, administrative team (Ivana Skenderija/Ivana Petrželová) is available during office hours for assistance. After office hours, assistants/interpreters are available at the dormitory (including overnight for emergency situations).

Medical facilities

Due to the close proximity to the dormitories and the variety of services available, students are typically taken to Motol Hospital should the need for medical attention occur. In the past, we have had good experience with Polyclinic Na Národní as well.

Institutions to stay in case internal participants contract coronavirus

The Dormitories and Refectories measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus are available on their website.

The dormitories have rooms available for isolation, and food from the refectory will be delivered to the room. Alternatively, student can order snacks and other necessities via

ready cooked food: