Lecturers in Phonetics

For the participants of the Summer School of Slavonic Studies we offer an afternoon course of corrective pronunciation. We put emphasis on personal approach and together with the student we try to find paths that would improve the pronunciation, the overall clarity and fluency of the speech. We prefer, therefore, to individual exercises where the lecturer is dedicated to only one student.

A great bunch of experienced and enthusiastic lecturers are waiting for you. You will meet them directly during the lessons or they participate on preparation of training materials. Many of the lecturers graduated in phonetics or attended some of the courses provided by the Phonetic Institute.

The Corrective Pronunciation course is guaranteed by Phonetic Institute FF UK.


Jitka Veroňková


Martina Černá


Karolína Jakubše


Daniela Neubergová


Gabriela Novotná

                  foto_Novotná (1)

Petra Poukarová


Klára Vaníčková


Barbora Votýpková