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Summer School of Slavonic Studies

Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Czech Studies


Dear students, dear friends,

Unfortunately, the Summer School of Slavonic Studies in Prague cannot take place this year, and its 64th edition has been postponed to 2021.

The current situation, both in the Czech Republic and globally, makes it impossible to organise a summer school that would be accessible and safe for everyone interested in learning about the Czech language and culture and for their teachers, and to maintain the level of quality that you are used to.

If you have been nominated for a scholarship for this year or have already applied, you will receive more information by email.

We’re looking forward to seeing you next year.



Prague 2020, 64th session

The Summer School of Slavonic Studies (LŠSS) provides a snapshot of the current situation in Czech and Slavic studies with particular focus on Czech language, Czech history, literary theory and literary history.

Its practical language courses, optional seminars, workshops and lectures are led by teaching staff of the Charles University and researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences.

LŠSS is intended for

  • scholars of Slavic and Czech studies;
  • postgraduate and undergraduate students of related fields;
  • everyone whose personal or working life brings them in contact with Czech language, literature, history and culture in the broadest sense; and
  • everyone who wants to spend a month in Prague full of social and cultural experiences.


DATES:  24 July – 21 August 2020

Start: Friday 24 July 2020: arrivals, registration, accommodation
Opening ceremony: Saturday 25 July 2020: opening ceremony, placement test
Beginning of classes: Monday 27 July 2020
End of classes: Thursday 20 August 2020
Closing ceremony: Thursday 20 August 2020, afternoon: handing out certificates
Participants leave: Friday 21 August 2020


VENUE: Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Prague
ORGANISER: Institute of Czech Studies



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